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Aroma Beads: An aromatherapy alternative to traditional candles
Soy and Palm Wax: 100% natural, renewable, biodegradable and vegan friendly
Recycled Vintage Glass Containers: Can be safely washed out and reused!

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Our Fragrances

Amaretto: An enticing blend of anise seeds, ripe cherry, cherry blossom, violet leaves, Tonka Bean, and vanilla. Phthalate Free: Yes

Apple Cider Donut: This fragrance begins with an apple cider accord which blends with a fried donut character. The fragrance has a spicy cinnamon accord which rests on a sweet, sugary vanilla base with tonka bean and musk. Phthalate Free: Yes

Bacon: A mixture of a maple bacon (you can defiantly smell the maple) and a BBQ smell. Phthalate Free: Yes

Banana: This fragrance is simply pure banana! Phthalate Free: Yes

Bay Breeze: The refreshing, clean smell of bergamot and clementine blended with jasmine, climbing rose, and breeze accord with base notes of water lilies and musk. Phthalate Free: Yes

Beer: Slightly fruity and floral top notes highlight this alcoholic blend drying to a light barley background. Notes: Top - eucalyptus, banana, alcohol; Middle - rosewood, rose; Bottom -malt musk. Phthalate Free: Yes

Birthday Cake: A sweet buttery bouquet of coconut shavings and sugared berries with mid notes of pink hawthorn and melted butter. Notes of sweet caramel and creamy vanilla finish off this scent to make the perfect blend that smells like a birthday cake fresh from the bakery! Phthalate Free: No

Blue Hawaiian: Tropical dreams unfold as this fruity delight lifts the senses. Fresh orange and juicy lemon balance with sweet maraschino cherry to open the blend. Tangy pineapple tones are accented with hints of acai berry while lush green highlights create a dramatic effect. Sweet coconut creates velvety base notes as a fresh ozone accord surrounds the tropical treat with breezy notes. Phthalate Free: No

Bourbonwood: Coconut, Cardamom, Blushed Wine, Green Cognac Cassis, Whipped Vanilla, Ginger, Whiskey Shot Molasses, Sheer Musk, Patchouli, Mulled Spice. Phthalate Free: Yes

Bubble Gum: A mouthwatering, juicy bubble gum, with notes of orange, spicy-banana, beech tree, winter green and sugary-sweet vanilla. Phthalate Free: Yes

Campfire: A blend of cinnamon sticks, cinnamon leaf, clove and Tonka bean. Phthalate Free: Yes

Campfire Marshmellows: Toasted Marshmallow, Smoldering Woods, Fire Roasted Vanilla. Phthalate Free: Yes

Cannabis Flower: Somewhat floral with a light spicy note, this scent has slight earthy notes of grass, warm musk and cedar. Notes: Top – floral; Middle – grass; Bottom - musk, cedar. Phthalate Free: Yes

Cappuccino: A delightful cappuccino scent! A creamy espresso coffeehouse blend with whispers of dark chocolate, honey and maple on a background of rich, warm vanilla. Phthalate Free: Yes

Caramel Apple: The aroma of fresh red apple, banana peel, caramel, brown sugar, and vanilla. Phthalate Free: No

Cherry: A sweet cherry with light fruity hints along with cinnamon and clove. Phthalate Free: No

Chocolate: Delight in rich and creamy milk chocolate with a light coating of cocoa powder. An indulgent scent that is simply irresistible. Notes: Top – sugar; Middle – cocoa; Bottom – vanillin. Phthalate Free: Yes

Christmas Tree: A christmas tree farm in the middle of a cold winter morning with fresh sap coming out of the bark. Phthalate Free: No

Cinnamon Stick: The aroma of the classic raw cinnamon stick enhanced with notes of nutmeg and ginger complete with base notes of vanilla and sugar. Phthalate Free: Yes

Cotton Candy: A sweet candy blend with notes of raspberry, lemon, wild berry nectar, and candied sugar. Phthalate Free: Yes

Egg Nog: Delicious blend of eggs, milk & rum. Phthalate Free: No

Eucalyptus: Fresh picked eucalyptus leaves with a hint of lime. Phthalate Free: Yes

Gingerbread: Ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg topped with sugar and rich vanilla create this familiar holiday scent loved by many. Phthalate Free: Yes

Gold Rum: Spicy rum trickles down a sweet heart of berries, resting on a warm and sweet base. Notes: Top - rum, clove, anise; Middle - red berries, dark fruits; Bottom – caramel, vanilla. Phthalate Free: Yes

Hawaiian Tropic: A great summer smell of a coconut bases sunscreen with a light fruity undertone. Phthalate Free: Yes

Hazelnut: A wonderful, inviting coffeehouse aroma. Hazelnut is expertly blended with a complimentary fusion of indulgent notes including warm hazelnuts, vanilla, and a touch of coconut syrup. Phthalate Free: Yes

Hibiscus Paradise: Top Notes - Ruby Pomelo, Sparkling Cassis, Pink Grapefruit; Middle Notes - Coral Hibiscus, Blush Peach, White Lilies; Bottom Notes - Ultrazur, Hawaiian Breeze, Tropical Musk. Phthalate Free: Yes

Indian Nutmeg: Pungent top notes of nutmeg boosted by spicy cinnamon and warm clove bottom notes. Phthalate Free: Yes

Irish Cream: Indulge yourself with this sensuous blend of French Roast and Irish Crème. Rich tones of roasted coffee bean are surrounded with accents of oak aged liquor. Smooth, sweet undertones of vanilla crème create a velvety background for the café blend. Phthalate Free: Yes

Jamaican Me Crazy: A mélange of Island red fruits (papaya, apple, berries) blend with juicy citrus (grapefruit, orange) and bright leaf accords with base notes of creamy sweet coconut. Phthalate Free: Yes

Jasmine Bouquet: Top notes of mandarin peel, fresh lemongrass and cucumber with mid notes of iceberg rose, Indian jasmine and ylang-ylang on a dry base of manuka honey, sandalwood, coconut milk and diamond musk. Phthalate Free: Yes

Java Blast: Smells just like a pot of fresh brewed black coffee with base notes of sugar, caramel, and vanilla. Phthalate Free: Yes

Kentucky Bourbon: An intoxicating blend of bourbon, rum, and cognac notes unfold into a heart of geranium, palmarosa, and rose accords. A dark, woody blend of cedar and vetiver create the base. Notes: Top – bourbon, rum, cognac; Middle –geranium, palmarosa, rose; Bottom - cedar, vetiver. Phthalate Free: Yes

Lavender: A bouquet of Lavender enhanced by top notes of bergamot, lemon, and eucalyptus. Add mid notes of camphor, clary sage, and rosemary as well as base notes of patchouli, Tonka, and musk to finish off this classic scent. Phthalate Free: No

Leather: The familiar scent of fresh leather. Clean and nostalgic. Phthalate Free: Yes

Lemongrass: Ozonic, airy lemongrass combines with citrus oils and juicy fresh accords. A bright and fresh herbal delight. Phthalate Free: Yes

Lilac: The scent of fresh lilac is enhanced by floral notes of rose, water lilies, and carnation on a dry musky base. Phthalate Free: Yes

Magnolia:A fragrant blend of exotic white flowers. Phthalate Free: Yes

Margarita: The name says it all!  Smells just like the popular mixed drink! Phthalate Free: Yes

Merlot: The unmistakable bouquet of a fine red wine. A fruity bouquet of strawberry, cherry, and citrus peel with notes of merlot grapes, rose, and cinnamon complete with base notes of merlot, wine, and sugar. Phthalate Free: Yes

Midnight Bourbon: A spicy blend of clove leaf and peppercorn, deepened with a warm bourbon accord. Phthalate Free: Yes

Nag Champa: Exotic and earthy fragrance that is a popular for it's nostalgic familiarity. Oriental blend of exotic flowers, spices, balsam and woods. Notes: Top – citrus, neroli, cinnamon spice; Middle – balsam, rose, violet, white jasmine; Bottom – vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, musk. Phthalate Free: Yes

Oranges: Energizing notes of mandarin, orange, and lemon zest with mid notes of orange peel and jasmine atop base notes of green mint and musk. Phthalate Free: No

Peaches: Fresh peach aroma blended with cream and light green notes. Juicy and rich peach fragrance. Notes: Top - apple, green; Middle - peach; Bottom - floral syrup. Phthalate Free: Yes

Peaches & Cream: Combination of Peaches and Vanilla. Phthalate Free: Yes

Peppermint: The minty fresh breath from a Peppermint Swirl is almost as good as the taste itself. Minty fresh with creamy undertones. Peppermint, vanilla cream and a touch of corn mint. Phthalate Free: Yes

Piña Colada: A sweet bouquet of pineapple, coconut, and orange with a floral heart of tropical lilies and rose petals and base notes of vanilla and sugar. Phthalate Free: Yes

Pineapple: Fresh, sliced pineapple with a light, sweet syrupy note. Phthalate Free: Yes

Popcorn: Bring the excitement and smell of the movies into your living room. Fresh cooked popcorn with hot butter poured on top. Phthalate Free: Yes

Pumpkin Spice: This holiday favorite comes to life with the scent of fresh pumpkin and hops with a spicy blend of nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon atop a bed of sweet vanilla, warm Tonka Bean, and sugar. Phthalate Free: No

Root Beer: Ground roots of the sassafras tree. Phthalate Free: Yes

Rosas de Amor: A floral bouquet reminiscent of fresh picked red rose petals, geranium, parma violet, rambler roses and musk. Phthalate Free: Yes

Sandalwood & Suede: Rich dark chocolate, cedar, & suede sprinkled with green herbs & jasmine held together with luscious woods, amber, & velvet musks. Phthalate Free: Yes

Sex on the Beach: A classic tropical mixed drink that blends fresh oranges and peaches with tart cranberries. Sweetened with hints of vanilla. Phthalate Free: Yes

Strawberry: A fruity blend of strawberry, wild berries, and melon atop a floral blend of carnation and oriental rose on a bed of vanilla and sugar. Phthalate Free: No

Strawberries & Cream: Combination of Strawberry and Vanilla. Phthalate Free: No

Sweet Dandelion Grass: Meyer Lemon, Valencia Orange, Pink Grapefruit, Dandelion Fluff, Green Sweet Grass, White Liles, Orange Flower, Violet Leaves, Soft Musk. Phthalate Free: Yes

Tobacco Cedar: Sparkling citrus and a hint of spice lead to the warm oriental signature of this scent. Tobacco leaf and western cedar are blended with a rich base of sandalwood as soft moss finishes the blend. Phthalate Free: Yes

Tropical Fruit: A fresh citrus accent adds sweetness to this tropical delight. Lush fruity tones of sliced pineapple and ripe guava are surrounded by a medley of exotic greens to create island appeal. Clear musk underscores the fruit blend, as touches of acai berry finish to tropical blend. Phthalate Free: Yes

Vanilla: A rich and creamy blend of coconut and berries with mid notes of soft butter and mimosa all on a bed of sweet vanilla and warm Tonka Bean. Phthalate Free: Yes

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